Studio Visit: ForanSuon

Here at Vetri the holidays are known as Ornament season. Each year we display handmade ornaments from at least 50 artists, and customers return year after year to add to their collections.

This year we were particularly excited for a new and inventive set of ornaments by Jacob Foran and Phirak Suon of ForanSuon. They have developed bell-shaped ornaments using their innovative ceramic 3D printing method. We visited their studio in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle to learn more about their process.

The design for this year’s ceramic ornaments came from classic holiday iconography that relates to designs that the duo is already producing. The result is a simple bell form accentuated with surface patterns made by the coiling 3D printer. The basic geometry of the form and its complex texture are digitally drawn using CAD software (Computer Aided Design). That code is then converted to fit the specific ceramic plotter which extrudes porcelain exactly according to the digital design. Jacob and Phirak have modified the porcelain clay body so the fluidity and structure are just right for their particular printer. Finally, the pieces go through a series of glazes and firings. The result is a beautiful ornament that combines the styles of hand and machine made.

You can find a small selection of their ornaments on our website and a larger selection in our gallery throughout the holidays. For remote inquiries, call or email the gallery  and visit ForanSuon’s artist page here to browse their other 3D printed works.

Cloudscape Tealight with Succulent
Mini Cloudscape Tealight – Yellow
Cloudscape Mini Tealight – Red
Cloudscape Tealight – Pink
Fade Tealight – Pink
Fade Tealight – Cobalt Blue
Porcelain Vase A2 – Purple
Porcelain Vase – Pink, Orange