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Saturday Midtown Art Stroll Event, August 6, 3 – 5  pm: Closing Reception

Join us for champagne and chocolates during the Saturday Midtown Art Stroll! This event features live performance art and music in celebration of Vetri’s wearable sculpture exhibition. Counterculture fashion historian and artist, Michael Cepress will perform original songs and storytelling. Director Musse Barclay will present a troupe of performers modeling a selection of wearable sculptures.

For this exhibition, Vetri Director, Sheila Strobel, invited glass artists who currently show at Vetri and artists from around the world who work with fabric, rope, metal, glass, and found objects to create objects of adornment.

Exhibition highlights include a large-scale wearable rope sculpture by Seth Damm of Neon Zinn, whose work is notably in the collections of Solange Knowles and has been featured on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie; contemporary silver-plated, torch-blown, mirrored glass rings and necklaces by Vetri artist Luisa Restrepo; exceptionally hand-tooled silver and mixed media works by artists Jesse Bert and Micki Lippe; a collaboration by Deb🌟 and New York’s Deborah Czeresko, who thrilled audiences with conceptual sculpture and first-place finish on Netflix’s Blown Away.

Artists featured in this exciting exhibition are; Jesse Bert, Micheal Cepress, Deborah Czeresko, Deb🌟, Seth Damm, Nirit Dekel, Tonya Hawkes, Jessica Jane Julius, Kristin Lora, Micki Lippe, Heather Moore, Erica Rosenfeld, Luisa Restrepo, Michiko Sakano, and Curtis Steiner.

Saturday Midtown Art Stroll Event: July 9, 3–5 pm: Afternoon reception, featuring bubbles and chocolates

Saturday Midtown Art Stroll Event, August 6, 3–5 pm: Closing Reception, with a live musical performance by Michael Cepress, and a live fashion performance directed by Musse Barclay.

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