Introducing Alison Reintjes: Contemporary Ceramicist


Vetri is excited to introduce new contemporary ceramics by Alison Reintjes to the gallery.

Alison says of her work, “Pattern offers calm and solace in its predictability and excitement with its variation. To my mind, you need both. The repetitive nature of pattern relates to spirituality because of its unchanging, limitless quality. Non-representational, shape-based abstraction becomes a type of meditation. I am inspired by architecture, textiles, and the natural world, as well as visual artists who use pattern or directly engage the wall.

My artistic life grows out of my need for order. Rules and structure provide a framework for both my personal life and the work I make. My ceramic work is strongest when I meticulously plan each step while leaving room for spontaneity, either my own impulsiveness or things like the glaze movement that happens in firing. In this way, control and variation are the foundation of my work.”

Alison studied glass blowing at Kent State University and the Canberra School of Art before ultimately earning her degree from Northern Michigan University. In 2001, she relocated to Montana for a residency at the Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Art in Helena, where she has since established her home and artistic community. In addition to her studio practice, Alison has taught art in public schools, led workshops, and exhibited and lectured at universities, art centers, and museums. Prestigious institutions, including the Missoula Art Museum and the Holter Museum of Art, have showcased her ceramic work in solo exhibitions, and she has completed many public art commissions. In 2017 Alison was honored with the Montana Arts Council Artists Innovation Award.


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*photo credit Rio Chantel Photography


Column Vase (3-tier)
Column Vase (3-tier)
Spiral Hexagon