Lynn Read Unveils New AXIS Series

Lynn Read’s long career encompasses painting, sculpting, woodworking, and set design. This diverse background influences his current sculptural blown glass work, creating a unique blend of knowledge and creativity. Known for his technical innovations and distinctive creative vision, he is able to seamlessly blend the worlds of functional glass and sculptural art.

In his latest blown glass series, AXIS, Lynn meticulously stretches colored molten glass into long threads called cane. These cane threads are then bundled, heated and re-stretched, condensing the image into intricate patterns, called murrini. These murrini after being cooled and cut into tiled are then skillfully blown into vessel forms, showcasing continuous geometric motifs. This meticulous process enhances the glass’s light and color-refracting properties.

“My artistic style embraces a Spartan simplicity that places emphasis on the intricate interplay of lines, eschewing unnecessary embellishments. This minimalist philosophy harnesses the power of color and form to craft stunning murrini artwork that seamlessly melds contemporary design with functionality, drawing inspiration from the creative process, constraints, and artistic tradition. The murrine patterns, with their interlocking connections and blocks, evoke a sense of time, music, society, and nature. Some exhibit linear elegance, while others embrace a fragmented aesthetic.”

Lynn’s artistic journey includes studies at prestigious institutions such as the Maryland Institute of Art, Penland School of Crafts, Pratt Fine Arts, and Pilchuck Glass School. He has worked alongside renowned glass artists like Lino Tagliapietro, Preston Singletary, and Eva Zeisel and held positions as both a Gaffer and Narrator at the Corning Museum of Glass. His work has been featured in Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, and LUXE magazine and in gallery exhibitions and private collections worldwide.


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AXIS – Elipse Coral
AXIS – Teardrop
AXIS – Slant
AXIS – Capsule Coral
AXIS – Flat Coral
AXIS – 1