New Work by Kait Rhoads

Vetri has beautiful new work by Kait Rhoads available now!

Kait says of her works:

“My work is inspired by nature and informed by memory.  And, three oceans—the Caribbean, the Indian and the Pacific–delineate the imaginative boundaries of my practice.

I grew up on the water of the Caribbean in a ship with my family where my deep affinity for biological systems began. I lived surrounded by nature; the liquid light and aquatic life imprinted upon my senses. The sculptures I create emanate from my early experiences within and curiosity about the natural world. While exploring the waters around Bali, I experienced the extraordinary biodiversity and extensive architecture of coral colonies there. This has been a deep influence on my sculptural forms and process of making.

My method of construction mirrors how my life has formed me, with individual elements woven together to create a strong whole. I consider the individual units, conical hexagonal forms known as hollow murrine, as architectural elements that fit together to create a fluid or floating object. The concept of the work develops slowly, and the production of a complicated piece can take months to years to complete.”

Click on the video below to see how Kait creates her hollow murrine!

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Woven Hex Earrings
Hex Earring
Flower Earring
Flower Earring