2023 | Lighting is Everything

Vetri is delighted to present LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING, an exhibition featuring an exuberant collection of hand-built, artist-designed lighting.

For this exhibition, artists were invited to show various lighting concepts, illuminating the possibilities of functional lighting when envisioned as art objects.

Exhibition highlights include a porcelain, brass, and steel kinetic mechanical light fixture, created by Shea Bajaj, amorphous blown glass lighting by Andi Koval and Justin Parker, ceramic abstract lamps by Ling Chun, and blown glass tabletop lamps by Deborah Adler.

This collection of artistically designed lighting launches CoDe, a series curated by Vetri Director, Sheila Strobel, focusing on conceptually designed functional objects with an experimental approach.

Light Me Up (Green)
Light Me Up (Red)
Double Bubble
Swell Portable Lamp
Open Oval
Pom Pom
Aria 4M Porcelain Pendant
Aria 3L Porcelain Pendant
Aria 2L Porcelain Pendant
Aria 2S Porcelain Pendant