Mikey Cozza

Mikey Cozza’s work is process driven, achieving intricacy with lines and patterns as he explores the material. He strives to capture this precision and beauty in nature, reproducing and preserving the movement of life.

Mikey Cozza grew up in Marysville, WA, just north of Seattle, and has been working with glass for 9 years. His first experience with glass was as a student at Pilchuck Glass School in 2005, where he took his first gather of glass and was instantly hooked. He relocated to Seattle in 2006 to pursue his career in glass. He quickly found his niche in the Seattle glass scene, finding opportunities in production studios and assisting local artists. He has continued his study at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Pratt Fine Arts Center and again at Pilchuck Glass School. He has assisted several artists including Benjamin Moore, Janusz Pozniak, Nadege Desgenetz, Nancy Callan, Rik Allen and Shelley Muzylowski Allen. He currently assists Dante Marioni and is a gaffer at The Glasshouse Studio.

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Mikey Cozza's Resume

Chartruese and Blue Wavey Bowl
Purple/Gold Ripple Bowl
Yellow Ripple Bowl
Blue Ripple Bowl
Silver Blue Lipwrap Ripple Bowl
Black and Rose Cane Bowl
Tall Reticello Raindrop
Blue Ripple Vessel
Water Vessel
Black and Amber Water Vessel
Storm Vessel
Cane Bowl
Cane Bowl
Cane Bowl
Encalmo Bowl