Foran | Suon is a newly formed design team who specialize in crafting innovative pottery and sculptural objects.  Their products find intersections between fine art and design, ceramics and architecture, traditional craft and 3D printing technology.  Together, they combine inspirations from Cambodian textiles, historical pottery, and figurative sculpture to make fine art vessels, candle light holders, planters, and home decor.

Phirak Suon is a designer working in Seattle, WA.  He has a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UC Berkley (2016).  He has Bachelors in Fine Arts from the UW.  His work explores the intersection between materials, digital, and traditional handcrafted.  He has worked as a technician and production specialist for Emerging Objects at UC Berkeley, and has taught at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA.

Jacob Foran is a visual artist working in Edmonds, WA.  Foran was named one of Ceramics Monthly Magazine’s 2017 Emerging Artists and he was a recipient of the 2017 WA State Artists Trust Fellowship.  He has a Master’s in Fine Arts in Ceramics from the UW (2010).  His work has been exhibited and collected widely throughout the US and he been a resident artist at the European Ceramic Work Center in The Netherlands; the Ceramics Department at California State Long Beach University; and a two-time summer resident at the Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts in Helena, MT.  Jacob is currently a faculty member in the Visual Arts Department at Lakeside Upper School in Seattle, WA.

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Fine Art Vessel (Pink)
Porcelain Vase – Pink, Light Blue
Fine Art Vessel (Blue)
Porcelain Vase (pink)
Porcelain Ellipse Vase