New Work: Luisa Restrepo

Luisa Restrepo experiments with rhythm, pattern, ambiguity and proportion to investigate form and its permutations. These investigations influence her creative process and shape her jewelry designs and wall sculptures.

Her most recent series, Proportions of Excess, is inspired by body landscapes. Restrepo modifies, replicates, and distorts images of the human body discovering beauty and intrigue in the minutiae. By isolating sections of the body, Restrepo is able to render the recognizable abstract.

“The idea of further isolating fractions of the initial images slowly developed into the jewelry collection ‘Not Arbitrary’. This change of scale allowed me to focus on detail; playing simultaneously with reflection and perception and our nuanced perspective of the human body”.


Luisa Restrepo is a glass artist and designer born in Colombia now working in México. After concluding her studies in Medellin and later in Wolverhampton, England; in 2005 she founded her studio, “El taller” in México City.  She won the first Colombian Glass Biennale and shows both nationally and internationally.

Not Arbitrary – Acordeon O Necklace
Not Arbitrary – Acordeon T Necklace
Not Arbitrary – Dimple Necklace
Double Dimple Necklace
Mirror Mirror Acordeon Earrings
Dimple Earring