2020 Studio Edition: Spring Green Persian

Chihuly’s experimentation with organic forms continued in his development of the Persian series, which first debuted in a solo show at the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs of The Palais du Louvre in 1986. Known for their highly saturated color and their fanlike forms, the Persian series demonstrates Chihuly’s use of gravity and centrifugal force in the work’s creation. In this series, the large iconic ribbed elements are created by rapidly spinning the hot glass to open the forms, naturally producing a ruffled, undulating edge. Embodying the energy with which they are formed, Persians make for exhilarating tabletop centerpieces or can be clustered to create wall or ceiling installations.

The Spring Green Persian expresses Chihuly’s love of gesture and color in equal measure. The brilliant apple-green of the larger element is given structure by the dark green lip wrap, while its asymmetric, fanlike shape helps frame the smaller rose and amber form within. The inner element, is unique in its use of a twisted body wrap, creating a herringbone pattern that showcases the sense of motion inherent to the series. The deep green lip wrap on both Spring Green Persian elements draws the components together into a unified whole while maintaining the tension between their patterns and inspired color selection.

Vibrant and dynamic, Studio Edition Glass Artwork celebrates Chihuly’s creative spirit with quintessential compositions that span his career. Each handblown Edition is signed by the artist and accompanied by an acrylic vitrine with a black base for display. These pieces vary slightly in size, color, and shape.

Studio Edition: Spring Green Persian
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