2020 Chihuly Studio Edition – Monarch Seaform

Chihuly continued to experiment with organic forms throughout the 1980s, and through that process, developed an iconic series known as Seaforms. Introducing ribbed texture and energetic wraps of color, Chihuly further developed the organic undulating forms he began in his Basket series. Using an optic mold, he was able to add strength and texture to his glass sculptures, allowing the work to become more delicate and intricate, qualities that typify works from this series.

The Monarch Seaform brings an intensity of color and technical construction to the Seaform series. The golden orange and rich sienna body wrap are beautifully contrasted by a lapis blue lip wrap that defines each piece’s edge. Chihuly’s use of two different body wrap techniques is a stand-out aspect of this work. The larger, outer element showcases the traditional continuous body wrap. In contrast, the smaller, internal element features a broken staccato wrap, which imbues it with lively movement. The transparent color at the base of the larger form helps to unify the two elements by creating an experience of looking-through, rather than merely looking-at, the work. Chihuly’s careful use of color further emphasizes the cohesion of this work.

Vibrant and dynamic, Studio Edition Glass Artwork celebrates Chihuly’s creative spirit with quintessential compositions that span his career. Each handblown Edition is signed by the artist and accompanied by an acrylic vitrine with a black base for display. These pieces vary slightly in size, color, and shape.



Studio Edition: Monarch Seaform
Studio Edition: Capri Blue Seaform
Studio Edition: White Pearl Seaform
Studio Edition: Star Fire Seaform