Jul 6, 2023 - Jul 30, 2023

Friday, July 28, 5–8 pm | A Vetri Fashion Show in conjunction with the Downtown Art Walk

Join us at Vetri for WEAR/2023, our highly anticipated second annual summer exhibition celebrating wearable sculpture. Discover talented global artists who work with fabric, rope, metal, glass, and found objects. Curated by Sheila Strobel, this exhibition includes artists who have shaped Vetri’s wearable sculpture aesthetic: Lauren Grossman, Luisa Restrepo, Erica Rosenfeld, David Chatt, Heather Moore, Neon Zinn, and Orfeo Quagliata. We are also thrilled to introduce new additions to our gallery, including Denise Barr’s glass murrine and found object jewelry, Iris Sofer’s crocheted gold necklaces and earrings, Salihah Moore’s exquisite glass beadwork clothing, and Ghislaine Sabiti’s culturally expressive glass and mixed media wearables.

Don’t miss the grand finale at the Downtown Artwalk on July 28th, from 5–8 pm. Vetri presents Musse Barclay, a Seattle-based multidisciplinary artist and gallery friend, directing a captivating live fashion show. Barclay will adorn models with WEAR/2023 jewelry and wearables paired with stunning garments from Studio RA, Sandy Lew, Pirrko, and Prairie Underground.

For more details, contact Sheila Strobel at sheila@vetriglass.com or call 206.667.9608.

SHIFT 025 necklace
SHIFT 024 necklace
Pico de Botella Ring – Size 7
Pico de Botella Ring – Size 6
Pico de Botella Earings EUG
Assembly Space
Cellular Automata
Readers Necklace
11 Piece Drop Earrings
Forked .22 Shell Earrings
Middle Rag