Backhaus Brown & Egeværk | The Way Of The Sea

Sep 7, 2023 - Sep 30, 2023
Backhaus Brown & Egeværk | The Way Of The Sea


We are delighted to welcome Danish artists Backhaus-Brown and Egeværk back to Vetri this September for The Way of the Sea. This exhibition of new Glasskibe features exquisitely hand-crafted Viking ships made of glass and wood for which they are renowned. This exciting new series draws inspiration from Viking leader Leif Erickson’s historic voyage to North America in 1000AD and was made exclusively for Vetri. Please join us on Thursday, September 7th, from 5-8 pm to celebrate the opening of this exhibition.

Backhaus Brown and Egeværk are the collaborative teams of Nanna Backhaus-Brown & Andrew Brown and Mette Benzen & Lasse Kristensen. Their studios are on the quayside in Hundested, North Zealand, on the coast of Denmark, and have the most remarkable view of the sea and the fjords surrounding the town. The maritime history of Hundested and the imagery of Viking ships sailing past inspire their collaborative work.

These sublime boat forms begin in the hands of Backhaus-Brown with glass hulls that are masterfully carved using the Italian technique called “Battuto,” producing patterns reminiscent of the hand-hewn planks used in building the historic ships. When the hull is finished, the Egeværk team carefully drafts and fits a unique oak-made keel for each hull. This strong wood is worked rigorously until a perfect silk-like texture is achieved. Then the hull and keel are joined seamlessly, and the piece is polished one final time. Each piece is embedded with unique maritime history, quietly revealing an ancient Viking world.

For inquiries, please contact Sheila Strobel at or 206-667-9608

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