Summer Exhibition: KNARR by Backhaus Brown & Egeværk

July 11, 2020
Summer Exhibition: KNARR by Backhaus Brown & Egeværk


Backhaus-Brown & Egeværk

Vetri is proud to present Knarr, the second solo exhibition by Danish artists Egeværk and Backhaus-Brown. This exhibition, named for Viking ships built for long, cross-Atlantic voyages, showcases ten sculptural ships in glass and wood that epitomize a meticulous collaboration between the cabinetmakers Egeværk and glass artists Backhaus-Brown.

The sublime boat forms or “glasskibe” included in this exhibition begin in the hands of Backhaus-Brown with glass hulls that are masterfully carved by means of the Italian technique called “Battuto,” producing patterns that are reminiscent of the hand-hewn planks that were used in building the historic ships. When the hull is finished, the Egeværk team carefully drafts and fits a unique oak-made keel for each hull. This strong wood is worked rigorously until a perfect silk-like texture is achieved. Then the hull and keel are joined seamlessly and the piece is polished one final time.

In addition to the collaborative ships, the artists’ individual works are on view. The Danish furniture maker, Egeværk, founded and owned by Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen, is known for uncompromising quality and refined woodworking. Drawing inspiration from nature, their hand-shaped sculptures in oak and wengé harness the material’s natural movement with the final form dictated by the unique texture and grain of an individual piece of wood.

Backhaus-Brown is a collaboration between Nanna Backhaus Brown and Andrew Jason Brown. Based in Denmark, they blow glass with a unique and modern Scandinavian aesthetic. Andrew’s heavily carved sculptures, Runestones, focus on the history of ancient Vikings while utilizing traditional Italian techniques. Nanna’s, Pastorelli, showcases her love of color, clean and crisp lines, and Nordic design. Andrew and Nanna’s work while strikingly different fro each other have common threads that the duo is known for; expertly crafted, vivid sculptures, with a nod to their heritage.

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