Backhaus-Brown and Egeværk

Glasskibe is a unique collaboration between two artistic duos: glass artists Backhaus-Brown and master carpenters Egeværk. Backhaus-Brown is based in Hundested while the Egeværk studio is situated in Elsinore, both Denmark.

Danish-born Nana Backhaus Brown and British-born Andrew Brown, work primarily with blown and cut glass, paying homage to intricate Italian, minimalist Scandinavian, and ancient Nordic aesthetics. Alongside the award-winning Danish furniture workshop comprised of Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen, of Egevaerk these two studios create the renowned Glasskibe ships. Inspired by ancient Viking History, the mouth-blown and Battuto cut glass and wood pieces of Backhaus-Brown and Egeværk masterfully abstract historic Viking longboat themes through a modern minimalist lens. The four artists expertly contrast traditional Nordic history with modern aesthetics.

The exquisite blown glass boat forms known as Glasskibe begin in the glass-blowing studio where Backhaus-Brown blows the molten glass into a form. After the glass has cooled, they meticulously cut and carve the glass to shape it into hulls and to evoke the appearance of hand-crafted ship planks. After completing the hulls, the highly skilled Egeværk team creates the custom oak keels, creating a smooth, silk-like texture. The next step seamlessly joins the hull and keel and concludes with a final polish.

This current collection of Glasskibe, created exclusively for Vetri, quietly reveals an ancient maritime history, while celebrating the highest level of glass and wood expertise and artistry.

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