Backhaus-Brown and Egeværk

These sublime boat forms begin in the hands of Backhaus-Brown with glass hulls that are masterfully carved by means of the Italian technique called “Battuto,” producing patterns that are reminiscent of the hand-hewn planks that were used in building the historic ships. When the hull is finished, the Egeværk team carefully drafts and fits a unique oak-made keel for each hull. This strong wood is worked rigorously until a perfect silk-like texture is achieved. Then the hull and keel are joined seamlessly and the piece is polished one final time. Each piece is embedded with unique maritime history, quietly revealing an ancient Viking world.

The Danish furniture maker, Egeværk, founded and owned by Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen, is known for uncompromising quality and refined woodworking. Their unique furniture and handicrafts are created with unbounded excellence. Backhaus-Brown is a collaboration between Nanna Backhaus Brown and Andrew Jason Brown. Based in Denmark, they blow glass with a unique and modern Scandinavian aesthetic. Simple and elegant, their glassware is created to be used and enjoyed every day. Both Egeværk and Backhaus-Brown have exhibited their sculptural works throughout Europe and the United States.


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