Backhaus-Brown is a collaboration between Nanna Backhaus Brown and Andrew Brown. Based in Denmark, they blow glass with a unique and modern Scandinavian aesthetic. Simple and elegant, their glassware is created to be used and enjoyed every day.

Nanna and Andrew have been blowing glass for over 30 years. They have exhibited their sculptures throughout Europe, Japan, China, Australia, and the United States. They opened their first studio together in 1993 in Frederiksværk, Denmark. In 2008, they achieved their dream of opening a glassblowing studio by the sea, Glassmedjen, located in the heart of Hundested Harbour, Denmark.

View their collaborative work with fellow Danish artists Egevaerk here.

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Backhaus-Brown's Resume

Tapas Vase (large)
Tapas Bowl
Tapas Bowl (small)
Small Lemonade Jug