Mette Bensen and Lasse Kristensen, the founders and owners of Egeværk, describe their lengthy design and carving process as “a friendly quarrel.” Drawing inspiration from nature, they translate their initial ideas through sketching; those initial design ideas are then further developed by exploring the unique qualities and beauty of a given piece of wood.

Mette, the primary decision-maker in the early stages of the process, has expert knowledge of the characteristics of different wood types. She makes sure the form of the piece supports the creative vision. Every grain of the wood is looked at and considered before a single cut is made.

Lasse does most of the hand shaping. His experience as a fine furniture designer and expert carver gives him the facility to feel the natural movement of the wood and to respond to the texture and grain in the finishing process.

Though the process follows a mostly linear path – from initial inspiration to sketching, to construction and hand shaping – both Mette and Lasse agree that the real magic comes from their ability to respond to the wood itself; to listen to and highlight the inherent subtle qualities of the material. They joke that even though they may at times quarrel in the process, they always speak nicely to the wood.

Egeværk was established in 2011 by Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen. They are both award-winning furniture makers trained at the renowned PP Furniture in Denmark.

View their collaborative work, known as Glasskibe, with fellow Danish artists Backhaus-Brown here.

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Flow Petite
Flow Petite
Flow Petite
Stalactite / Stalagmite
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