Susan Maddux

Susan Maddux is a Los Angeles-based artist. Born on the island of Oahu in Hawaii to a hapa Japanese-American family, her work is strongly influenced by Japanese folk art, Buddhist temples, tropical flora, and the arts of Polynesia.

In 2012, Susan relocated from New York to Los Angeles, prompting her to explore new avenues in her art. Building on her experience as a textile designer, she began experimenting with her paintings, cutting them up, tearing them, collaging them, and sewing them together in different configurations. This transformative process allowed her to challenge expectations about abstraction and the relationship between painting and sculpture, resulting in artworks that possess a solid anthropomorphic quality.

Susan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the SFAI and has had numerous group and solo shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Honolulu.

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Susan Maddux's Resume