Vitreluxe Glass Works was founded by Lynn Read in 1999 with the desire to build an advanced glass studio with some unique alterations to allow for versatility and efficiency. The name Vitreluxe was derived from two words: vitreous, the brilliant luster of glass, and deluxe, the mid-century benchmark of quality. Since the studio’s first spark ignited, Vitreluxe has grown into a maker’s mark of superior quality.

Lynn Read’s early pursuit of watercolor paved the way for an interest in glass because of its transparency of color, optical intrigue, malleability, and material versatility. His creative spirit and passion for glass have intensified since his first apprenticeship in a glassblowing studio. A diverse artistic background ranging from painting, sculpture, woodworking, and theatrical set-building continues to play an important role in Read’s inventive approach to glassworking. He has earned a highly regarded reputation for distinctly creative work that employs a wealth of techniques.

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Crystal Bowl – 8
Crystal Bowl – 4
Crystal Luster Bowl
Crystal Luster Bowl
Crystal Tumbler
Crystal Tumbler
Tube Top
Tri-Tone Bottle