Salihah Moore

Salihah Moore is a contemporary bead artist from Philadelphia who currently lives outside of Boulder, Colorado. She got her BA in physical anthropology from Temple University, studying biology and culture, and has always been deeply curious about the nature of reality. All of her art is an expression of her studies in the philosophy of consciousness, physics, and theories of the universe. 

She started beading in 2015 forming her business Salihah Moore in 2018 selling mostly beaded jewelry. However, she soon began to explore larger art pieces like wall hangings and beaded clothing, falling in love with the bigger space in which her intuitive designs could take form. 

Salihah Moore has been featured in Dog Gallery, Boulder Lifestyle Magazine, Voyager Denver, Women and Sheepskin for Milena Silvano, Boulder Lifestyle Magazine, Yen Magazine Festival Issue, Mother Magazine Editor’s Pick and Echo Park Craft Fair, Artist Interview. 

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Assembly Space
Cellular Automata