Nadege Desgenetez

“I am interested in exploring ideas of relationships, love and space between people,” says Desgenétez. “I also want to consider our connection to the sense of touch in an abstract way. In a time when when the culture of society is becoming more cosmetic than practical, the relevance of the hand and the ‘hand-made’ is in question.  The hand of the maker is so far removed that many people forget its existence. I strive to celebrate my relationship to the medium, and therefore my relationship to a long heritage of makers, a whole history of skills, by infusing my work with reverence to the history of blown glass through a rigorous technical approach.”

Nadège Desgenétez is a visual artist, a glassblower, and an educator. Born in France, Desgenétez currently lives in Australia where she teaches at the prestigious Glass Workshop of the Australian National University in Canberra.


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Nadege Desgenetez's Resume

Fluffies: Cloud
Fluffies: Rabbit
Grey Cloud: Mouse And Cheese
Grey Cloud: Cat And Yarn
Encalmo Vase
Raye Bowl
Cloud 1