Meg Hartwell


Meg W. Hartwell received her MFA from Otis Parson School of Design and Art in Los Angeles, CA. Primarily working with painting and printmaking, Hartwell is fascinated by precise working environments and specialty tools and equipment.

As an operating room nurse for fifteen years, passing scissors, clamps, and saws in life-saving conditions, Hartwell was trained in the use of specific tools and surgical instruments. The sense of order in the operating room translates to her experience in the studio. The monotype process, with its array of tools, affords a controlled process that embraces happy accidents as the artist creates a visual language inspired by Pop-Art, Abstract Expressionism, and vibrant colors.

A world traveler, Hartwell has lived throughout parts of Mexico and Guadalajara. Her work is in public and private collections in Luxemburg, Phoenix, New York, Guadalajara, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Bainbridge Island.

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Rising Sea
Swept Away
Geometric NO.4 series