Matthew Abadi

Matthew Abadi was born and raised in Washington, DC and graduated from the University of Maryland, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2008. In college, Abadi developed an interest in photography and continued this exploration in his post-graduate years. A fateful night in spring of 2012, after hours of developing images in the darkroom, Abadi wandered into a glassblowing studio and witnessed glass being made by hand for the first time. Captivated by the process, and the warmth and glow of the material in its fluid state, Abadi dropped everything and moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue an education in the craft. Currently, Matthew Abadi continues to immerse himself with artists and craftsmen who have offered invaluable learning experiences, and he is thankful for the opportunities to expand his understanding of this medium, and his awareness as a maker and human being. 

Matthew Abadi lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

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