Lukeke Design

Luke Jacomb founded Lukeke Design in 2006, located in Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand. This selection of wall-mounted, cast crystal birds are a staple at Vetri and can be customized to fit your space. The nine bird types (Bellbird, Fantail, Fantail 2, Silvereye, Stitch, Swallow, Tomtit, Kingfisher, and Saddleback)  are easy to install as each bird has a permanently attached screw that turns into the wall anchor provided with purchase. The vast array of colors allow the collector to become part of the creative process.



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Lukeke Design's Resume

Lukeke Bird – Fantail
Lukeke Bird – Fantail Style 2
Lukeke Bird – Silvereye
Lukeke Bird – Swallow
Lukeke Bird – Saddleback (Wings Spread)
Lukeke Bird – Bellbird Style 2