Lukeke Design

Lukeke Design, founded by Luke Jacomb and Katherine Rutecki, introduced their studio in 2006 in Avondale, Auckland (New Zealand), where they still operate from today. Their selection of wall-mounted, cast crystal birds are a staple at Vetri and can be customized to fit your space. The seven bird types (Bellbird, Fantail, Silvereye, Swallow, Tomtit, Kingfisher, and Saddleback) can be ordered in forty-two colors and are easy to install as each bird has a permanently attached screw that turns into the wall anchor provided with purchase. If you would like assistance creating a custom wall for your home, office, or business, call Jillian Jackson at 206.667.9608 or email to discuss details.


“We collaborate to produce an affordable range of handmade cast and blown glass works. We want to bring beautiful glass work into people’s homes.”

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Lukeke Bird – Tomtit (Copper Blue)
Lukeke Bird – Silvereye (gold ruby)
Lukeke Bird – Tomtit (Apricot)