Joseph Enszo

Joseph Enszo holds a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Ceramics. He has worked and studied in the ceramics and glass industries for 17 years. The Enszo Studios’ aesthetic is a unique intersection of three components: Italian decorativeness, Eastern simplicity, and a reference to natural science.  When working in glass, Enszo brings a background in ceramics and the influences from a decade living in Asia where he was inspired by traditions that emphasize minimal and natural elegance.

Enzo Studios’ innovation extends to dedication to reducing their impact on the environment. They have developed new processes and proprietary equipment that save over 90% energy compared with the traditional methods. They continue to pursue novel research to further reduce the amount of time any kiln, torch, or furnace must be on.  At the same time, they use the smallest and most efficient equipment necessary for the task at hand. Finally, they are always on the lookout for ways to reduce the creation of waste glass, and to re-use and recycle more of what they generate.

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Joseph Enszo's Resume

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