Joe Cariati

Award winning artist, craftsman and educator, Joe Cariati has dedicated over 20 years to the practice of glassblowing. He is a designer, maker and mentor. Cariati’s work is an incomparable synthesis of calculated pragmatism and essential beauty. While Cariati thrives off of repeatable process and predictable results, it is the fact that during any given piece, he can experience elation, frustration, defeat or discovery that drives his creative spirit. In 2003, Cariati established his eponymous studio in Los Angeles, California where he continues to refine his craft and push his boundaries as a glassblower and a designer.  Cariati launched Joe Cariati Design in 2015.

Inspired by the icons of great mid-century modern design, Cariati’s collection of bottles, decanters, and tabletop objects are a study in color, form and function. The Joe Cariati studio in Los Angeles produces thousands of elegantly minimalist, functional pieces per year.  Each deceptively complex, one-of-a-kind object is crafted by hand utilizing a unique process of rapid succession using no blow molds.

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Angelic Bottle
Large Decanter Teardrop
Large Decanter Straight Cone
Flask Angelic Bottle
Positano Small Footed Bowl