Jessica Jane Julius

With over 20 years dedicated to the arts, Jessica Jane Julius is an artist, educator, and performer exploring the “culture of fear” through large-scale installations and mixed media sculptures and jewelry. As a dyslexic artist, she delves into the intricacies of language, aiming to unravel its nuances and anxieties.  Her works, showcased internationally, examine the interplay of language and human experience, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of communication and perception. Through her art, Julius seeks to create a dialogue between the visible and the invisible, the understood and the undetected, ultimately revealing the beauty in the chaos of language and its networks.

Based in Philadelphia, Julius is also an Associate Professor of Glass at Tyler School of Art and Architecture and co-founder of The Burnt Asphalt Family collective. Her work has been exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Museum of American Glass in New Jersey. She has been awarded a York Cultural Alliance grant and residencies at The Creative Glass Center of America in Millville, New Jersey and The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington.

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From the Heavens, Ring with Quartz