Jennifer Caldwell and Jason Chakravarty

For nearly four years, Jennifer Caldwell and Jason Chakravarty have maintained a critical, conceptual, and technical dialogue about each of their work. Jennifer best known for her flame worked glass compositions which consistently include sea based imagery. Technically her goal is to capture the fluidity of the sea using a clean form. The narrative in her work is derived from the memory of her perception of an experience. Jason’s technical focus is cast glass objects which often include parts or techniques from the hot shop. He uses familiar photorealistic imagery that ranges from sea to space. The narrative is the starting point and is a response to daily life and cultural observations.

For nearly two years Jennifer and Jason have focused on many collaborative pieces. The work has been exhibited in museums including Corning Museum of Glass and Tacoma Museum of Glass, at SOFA Chicago and at galleries including Adam Blaue and Vetri in Seattle, WA. They plan to keep the pace as they are committed to exhibitions in Palm Beach, Norfolk, and St. Petersburg. Much of the narrative behind the work comes from time spent together traveling. In the past year and a half, the two have visited three countries and have driven across the US nearly a dozen times. Much of the imagery is sea based including octopus, portholes, coral, pulleys, and nautilus. The conceptual intent is that the audience will take a momentary relief from their daily grind and embrace the solitude of the Sea.

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