Hiroshi Yamano

Complicated but richly subtle, Hiroshi Yamano creates carved and polished sculptures that refract the light and create windows, giving the viewer a sense of looking through water. Yamano began to focus on the Japanese elements inspired from antique Kano School paintings, from which he developed not only an aesthetic approach, but also a personal symbol–the fish.  Yamano has long identified with fish swimming the oceans, as he so often traverses the vast waters between continents in his own life.

Born in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1956, Hiroshi Yamano is recognized as one of Japan’s foremost and innovative glass artists.  He received the 2015 People’s Choice Award from the Museum of Glass-Tacoma. Yamano is cofounder of the Ezra Glass Studio in Fukui, Japan, and serves as chairman of the glass program at Osaka University of Arts. For more available work by Hiroshi Yamano, view his work at Traver Gallery.


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