Ethan Stern

“Pushing glass beyond the anatomy of the vessel, my work is an ongoing exploration of abstraction, color, texture, and light. Drawing inspiration from the American Brilliant Cut Glass of the late 19th century, I carve deeply into the glass surface to create a high relief designed to reflect and refract light. However, unlike the cut glass vessels of the past, these sculptures are not vessels designed to hold things but containers to hold light.”

Before earning his BFA in Sculpture and Glass from Alfred University, Ethan studied ceramics in Australia. In 2010, he was awarded Best Emerging Artist by the Museum of Glass-Tacoma. His work is widely exhibited and is held in several museum collections, including the Museum of Glass-Tacoma and Glasmuseet Elebtoft-Denmark. . For additional sculptures by Ethan, view his work at Traver Gallery.

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Ethan Stern's Resume

Prismatic Green
Crosscut Corrugate
Crosscut Timber
Crosscut Ruby Perspective
Lantern Vessel
Half Vase Blue
Half Vase Green
Half Vase Gray