Courtney Branam

Courtney Branam approaches his glass practice with a reverence for tradition and technique balanced by a modern use of form and color. With a keen eye for design and strong craftsmanship, Branam’s new body of work Wander / Wonder emulates clouds, moons, suns, mountains, and trees immersing the viewer in the representational world around them. Through these recognizable yet playful scenes, Branam taps into our inherent desire to wonder, and in turn, allows us to wander with a childlike imagination.

Branam creates visual narratives, utilizing various glass processes and wood accents, to serve as a mediator between us and our imagination. In doing so, he encourages us to contemplate our sense of place; where we currently are and where we can eventually go. We are pleased to take you on a journey through Courtney Branam’s new body of work and welcome you to rediscover wonder.

Branam is the recipient of the People’s Choice Award from the Museum of Glass and the Jon and Mary Shirley Scholarship in Glass from Pratt Fine Arts Center. Branam has taught at Pilchuck Glass School, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pratt Fine Arts Center, UrbanGlass, and The Appalachian Center for Craft. He currently works and resides in Seattle, Washington.


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Courtney Branam's Resume

Sun II with Purple Cloud
Stump – Sold Individually
Grey Moon with Black Clouds
Sun with Pink Clouds III