Anne Clifton

Born in  Dwellingup, Western Australia, Clifton’s artistic journey began with a passion for ceramics. During her tenure as a technician in the ceramics department of her university, she witnessed the acquisition of the department’s first glass furnace. This pivotal moment sparked her curiosity and set her on a path toward exploring the realm of glassmaking.

Anne delved deeper into the intricacies of glasswork, eventually crossing paths with Peter Bowles, a fellow artist whose expertise and shared vision would become instrumental in her artistic trajectory. Together, in 2003, Anne and Peter established their own glassmaking studio and gallery, Glass Manifesto, marking the beginning of a new chapter in Anne’s artistic journey.

Initially, her work centered around vibrant colors layered within thick clear glass to create visual complexity. However, the disruptive influence of the Covid-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for transformation in Anne’s artistic expression. She began to externalize the vibrant layers, stripping away the glassiness to reveal a nostalgic connection to her ceramic roots. This return to her origins marked a significant shift in her ongoing creative process, leading to the emergence of a new form that seamlessly blended her ceramic aesthetic with her unconventional approach to glassmaking and conceptual art.

Anne’s artistic vision is characterized by a distinctive fusion of ceramic tradition and experimental glass techniques, earning her recognition for her individuality within the artistic community. Her confidence as a creator has translated into success across various domains of glassmaking, including lampwork, hot glass casting, jewelry making, and object creation.

Anne holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from WA School of Visual Arts, ECU, WA, and completed undergraduate studies in Archaeology and Latin, UTAS, TAS, and Certificate III Small Metal Work, Fremantle TAFE, WA. Clifton has participated in numerous residencies and gallery exhibitions throughout the world.



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