by: Backhaus-Brown


6 inW 6 inD 16.5 inH

blown, cut, and sand carved glass
measurements reflect the tallest vessel

Saga is a triptych of Helga Vases with Norse inscription telling the epic love story of The Saga of Gunnlaug the Worm-Tongue and Rafn the SkaldHelga is the fairest woman in Iceland and betrothed to Gunnlaug. Gunnlaug fails to meet a time requirement of three years from engagement to marriage, and on his return to Iceland, Helga the Fair has married Rafn. Gunnlaug and Helga‘s love is undying though, and jealousy eventually causes the death of both Gunnlaug and Rafn. At the end of the saga, Helga the Fair dies in the arms of her second husband, wrapped in a coat given to her by Gunnlaug before his passing.

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