Studio Edition: Rose Blush Macchia

by: Dale Chihuly


9 inW 9 inD 6 inH

handblown glass

Earthy and surreal, Rose Blush Macchia illustrates Chihuly’s mastery of color. It’s a stunning example of the Macchia series, inspired by Chihuly’s desire to use all 300 colors in the hotshop.

The sculpture’s vitality emerges from brilliant, variegated spots of orange and red pigments. These pigments, stretched and transformed in the process by breath, heat, and gravity, are illuminated against shadowy bands of rose and violet hues. A radiant yellow lip wrap emphasizes the classic rippling form of the Macchia series and bridges the colloquy between the exterior color and the soft blue interior.

Includes Macchia book, 12x12x12 vitrine, and cleaning kit


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