Batik Baskets – Framed

by: Dale Chihuly


2 inW 29 inD 41 inH

six-color serigraph/lithograph with acrylic handwork

Multiple layers of warm colors shifting from yellow to coral form the background for Batik Baskets, the first serigraph with handwork by Dale Chihuly released in 2015.

The two Baskets highlight the asymmetrical series he began in glass in 1977 and reveal the bravura, energy and spontaneity of his Works on Paper. Each Basket has bright yellow acrylic paint outlining its opening, something Chihuly refers to as the “lip wrap,” and layers of blue dots, some iridescent, speckle the bodies. Signed by Dale Chihuly, this vibrant print is significant to the artist’s evolving work in glass and on paper.

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