Tony Sorgenfrei

Tony Sorgenfrei began working with glass when he was fourteen through Hilltop Artists in Tacoma. He attended Pilchuck Glass School in 2004. Currently, Sorgenfrei works for Hilltop Artists teaching glass blowing to middle and high school students, running an after-school program, and supporting the production team. He also works at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma as an instructor in the Hot Shop Heroes program, for wounded warriors and veterans. Current works consist exclusively of glass sculpture inspired by Mesoamerican culture.

 Tony’s inspiration for his Aztecan artifact series stems from his own Mexican heritage and his infatuation with ancient cultures. To be more specific, his work focuses more on warriors and their weapons. While the shapes of Tony’s sculptures are modeled after the weapons of the Aztecs, the inspiration for the colors comes from the natural minerals, precious metals, and the colors of the land for which they built their great city in. 

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