Penelope Rakov

Penelope Rakov is a studio glass artist that became obsessed with a particular process of making glass patterns called murrini.  Penelope pulls hot glass color into long thin “canes”, and when the canes are cool she cuts and assembles them with other canes to create intricate patterns. Each cane is usually pulled five or six times before the finished bar of murrini is cut into slices, and polished. Since she makes all of her own glass patterns, Penelope is continually coming up with new designs to set in her glass jewelry. Each piece reflects her joy in the process, which is steeped in an obsession with detail. Penelope Rakov’s labor-of-love process is what gives each piece such a personal resonance with the people who wear them. Although each piece requires countless hours of handcrafting, Penelope loves no part of the process more than seeing her work being worn. It is only when it is being enhanced by the wearer that that her work is finished.

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