Dawn Bassett

Originally from California, Bassett has used Tadelakt and Venetian Plasters as her primary medium for over 14 years. She traveled to Italy to apprentice with master plasterers, learning the vernacular of this centuries-old medium where it originated. Her new work explores time as a visual phenomenon. Concentrating her interest in Tadelakt plaster, Bassett uses mineral pigments sourced from geological sites across the world to create gradient hues in visually arresting compositions. A finish composed of innumerable particles, Tadelakt plaster, bifurcates light at different angles creating colors that respond to light as it changes throughout the day. This is particularly delightful when exploring the non-linear subject of time. These sculptural wall pieces continue Bassett’s mastery of her material and present her as one of the only artists fearlessly traversing the perceived boundaries of plaster, a material often placed only in a category of function rather than one of fine art.

She says of her interest in the material, “In particular, the oldest form of plaster, Moroccan Tadelakt, has my heart. In my hands, as a contemporary woman, I use it to communicate, and it, in turn, speaks to me. For me, plaster is not limited to its traditional application, only to be articulated the same way it has been for thousands of years. It has the potential to far exceed those limitations.”

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