Dawn Bassett

Originally from California, Bassett has been using Tadelakt and Venetian Plasters as a primary medium for more than 14 years. She traveled to Italy to apprentice with master plasterers, learning the vernacular of this centuries-old medium where it originated. She says of her interest in the material, “In particular, the oldest form of plaster, Moroccan Tadelakt, has my heart. In my hands, as a contemporary woman, I use it to communicate, and it, in turn, speaks to me. For me, plaster is not limited to its traditional application, only to be articulated the same way it has been for thousands of years. It has the potential to far exceed those limitations.”


Bassett’s recent large-format works re-contextualize the material of plaster to create burnished, richly hued, and textural surfaces that convey deeply personal and poetic portrayals. Working out of her picturesque studio in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle, Bassett draws inspiration from everyday objects and personal history. She distills her narratives into tactile modernist monochrome compositions that reflect, absorb, and transform with the light.

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Dawn Bassett's Resume

Dial Tone
Remains of Home
I Lay In the Dark Eyes Open Thinking My Thoughts Many Are of You
His Clothes On My Floor