Dale Chihuly

Every year, Chihuly Workshop collaborates with Dale Chihuly to create Studio Editions and Limited Edition Prints. Each piece is drawn from one of the distinctive series of works he created throughout his career. Vibrant and dynamic, the Studio Editions are all handblown and signed by Chihuly. The prints offer collectors an intimate and alternative connection to his work in glass. Dale Chihuly has worked on serigraphs, lithographs, intaglios, woodcuts, dry points, and vitreographs. These works reveal his unique sensibility and highlight the artist’s unmistakable drawing style. All prints are numbered in editions, available framed or unframed.

If you do not see the work you are looking for within this grouping, please let us know and we will locate the right piece for your collection. Visit our gallery to view all of the artworks in our dedicated Chihuly loft.

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Dale Chihuly's Resume

Studio Edition: Laguna Persian
Saturn Yellow Basket: Studio Edition
Aurora Macchia: Studio Edition
Studio Edition: Seagrass Seaform
Studio Edition: Viola Plum Macchia
Studio Edition: Rosetta Persian
Studio Edition: Hyacinth Basket
Studio Edition: Monarch Seaform
Red Spears
Bridge of Glass
Plum Golden – Framed
Sea Swirl – Framed
Autumn Basket – Framed
Sea Basket – Framed
Orange Urn – Framed
Big Red – Framed
Montana Baskets
Chihuly Pendleton Blanket No. 22