Carrie Grula

Carrie combines retro 70s designs that embody the fashion for geometric patterns, with prints that echo the graphic quality of the Art Deco era, and soft curves reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement. To create her sculpture, she blows simple forms in the hot shop, and later applies a vinyl skin to the glass. After cutting the pattern into the vinyl by hand, she sandblasts the glass to reveal the layer below the surface. Her process embraces the handmade aspect of the 1970s craft movement, yet the result is decidedly timeless, fresh, and contemporary.

Carrie Grula is an artist based in Tacoma, WA. Originally from Philadelphia, Carrie started blowing glass at Bucks County Community College and later Rochester Institute of Technology. Upon earning her BFA in Glass from Alfred University in 2007, Carrie moved to Seattle to pursue a career in glass. She has worked on production teams of several local studios, assisted independent artists, and taught at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Coyote Central. Carrie currently is a member of the Chihuly Workshop team. Vetri has shown her work since 2010, and held a solo show for her in 2016.


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Carrie Grula's Resume

Jewelry Dish (Light Grey)
Jewelry Dish (Dark Blue)
Jewelry Dish (Yellow)
Jewelry Dish (Green)
Jewelry Dish (Rose)
Jewelry Dish (Blue)
Jewelry Dish (Sage)
Lindsay (Rose)
Norma (Sage)
Norma (Grey)
Althea Floral (Golden)
Geo Diamond #2 (Blue)
Geo Diamond #3 (Blue)
Althea Floral (Grey)