Armelle Bouchet O’Neill

The inspiration for Armelle Bouchet O’Neill’s recent work stems from the exploration of topography, the science that describes a landscape on a two-dimensional surface, and the idea that each place is unique much like a fingerprint.Bouchet O’Neill uses glass as a vehicle for this exploration, by exploiting its intrinsic optical properties as well as its potential for myriad textures, her work draws from the natural world.

Armelle Bouchet O’Neill is a French-born, Bremerton-based glass artist. Bouchet O’Neill studied at The Danish Design School on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. She was awarded the Lino Tagliapietra Award to attend the Pilchuck Glass School in 2007, and the Takako Sano Grant from the Glass Art Society in 2008. In 2010 Bouchet O’Neill was the recipient of the Pratt Fine Arts Center Art Bridge Fellowship and the Jon and Mary Shirley Award and in 2015 was a Visiting Artist at the Museum of Glass-Tacoma.

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